Why all the hype around Olaplex?

I’ll tell you why: it’s amazing.

I’m going to be completely honest here and admit that I very rarely cut my hair (I know, terrible!) so it’s almost always in need of some TLC. I’ll give it a trim myself occasionally (you can get away with it on long hair, I swear!), otherwise it’s just split ends galore. I just can’t bring myself to pay those salon prices…

So I can’t comment on the salon-quality Olaplex – obviously – even though I’ve heard amazing things, but I’ve tried the Olaplex you can use yourself, which I’m honestly so impressed with. I tried the ‘Holiday Hair Hair Fix’ set, which includes 4 100ml bottles :

  • No 3 Hair Perfector
  • No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo
  • No 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner
  • No 6 Bond Smoother

No 3 Hair Perfector

This is the first product I tried, of course. I used a reasonable amount, but I didn’t need too much of it as it’s easy to spread through your locks. My hair instantly felt softer and smoothed, but that’s always the case with any sort of conditioner for me so I waited to see the real results afterwards.

I cant say I have particularly wild hair but it does have a bit of a mind if its own at times, however this noticeably changed it. The more accurate word I can think of is “sleek”. Honestly, it made such a difference.

I then followed it up with the shampoo and conditioner…

No 3 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No 4 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

I’ll address the smell first: I really liked it! It’s not too intense at all, but it’s there enough to add to the experience and make it more pleasant. I don’t really know what I was expecting, perhaps something more ‘chemically’ but I was surprised at how nice it was.

The shampoo lathers really well, I used the ‘normal’ amount I would use of any shampoo, and it was waaaaay too much of this! My hair was super foamy (which actually felt amazing, to be honest) so I used less of it from then on. I love that you don’t need too much of it, because when you have long hair you really get through shampoo and conditioner!

I didn’t find that I needed too much of the conditioner either – obviously it doesn’t lather like the shampoo but I did find it very easy to work through and make sure my hair was covered enough.

The results were amazing. I’ve found that my hair lasts longer between washes, perhaps by a day or two – an unexpected bonus as I don’t like to overwash my hair but equally don’t want to go out looking like a greaseball!

My hair overall feels much easier to manage and is so much smoother than it was. It doesn’t tangle anywhere near as much, and I’m constantly brushing my hair with my fingers (weird habit, especially when I’m talking to people and it looks like I’m flirting!) so I can really feel how soft it feels.

My split ends are still definitely there. I mean, I expected good things from this but I have to be realistic at the same time: they’re not going to disappear completely! But I would say they’re better than they were. I’ll still be giving them a trim soon (either myself or actually go to a qualified hairdresser!) just to tidy them up a bit.

No 6 Bond Smoother

For me, this product is more if a nice-to-have than a necessity. I’m so used to having flyaways that I’m past the point of caring and have just generally accepted that they’re there and it’s ok.

I will admit that this certainly did smooth them, and it was nice to have hair that felt pretty much completely under control.

I didn’t use too much of this one as I hate the feeling of having ‘stuff’ on my hair, especially when it gets on my hands after I tie my hair up, but I can’t say I noticed much residue at all.

Overall I’m so pleased with this purchase and I must admit I’ve already invested in another set because of the amazing value…

I’ll also make the shampoo and conditioner my staples because of the results they’ve had on my hair!

Picture below of my hair looking smooth i(my opinion). It had been tied up for a while before this picture, so this is after a quick brush. That’s another thing I found: almost always my hair will be tatty and misshapen after being tied up, but since using Olaplex I’ve found it much easier to manager and stays sleek and just generally nice. Note, the picture is just using numbers 3,4 and 5 – not the bond smoother.


3 responses to “Why all the hype around Olaplex?”

  1. I mean your eyeshadow in that final photo is stunning!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

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    1. Ah thank you so much! I’m a little bit of a makeup hoarder.

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      1. Nothing wrong with that! haha

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