The skincare brushes you didn’t know you needed (you don’t… but you do)

I’ve always hated sticking my fingers in pots of products, regardless of how clean they are. It just feels like I’m contaminating the rest of it. I especially can’t stand when I have to scrape it out from under my nails afterwards (ugh!). Brands seem to be getting better at including spatulas etc, but there’s still loads of products out there that don’t.

So of course when I found out Sigma have a brush set specifically designed for skincare I had to add it to my birthday list…

I’ve had a few Sigma products over the years and I’ve never been disappointed, so I was more than willing to jump straight in with these and try them out. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did!

What’s in the set?

  • A clay/mud mask brush
  • A serum brush
  • A moisturiser brush
  • A gel mask brush
  • An eye cream brush
  • A spatula brush (for mixing products)

Clay/Mud Mask Brush

Although a lot of masks come with applicators, this is a particularly nice one as it’s silicone and just feels like an upmarket tool to apply masks with. I’ve used this on a few masks so far and it’s made the application easy, smooth and most importantly – not messy!

It feels really good quality, and is really easy to use with any type of mask (in my opinion) because it’s sturdy enough but also flexible enough to spread the product over your face as required. It’s labelled as being suitable for ‘mud or clay’ masks, but I’ve used it with masks of other consistencies such as Herbivore’s Blue Tansy and Prism masks.

I’m really pleased with this mask alone as it just makes masking even more enjoyable without getting it all over your hands!

Clay/Mud Mask Brush

Serum Brush

This is a nice brush to have and apply serums with, but I still find myself applying serums with my hands half the time because it’s nice to have that sort of massaging motion to add to the pamper session. But I still like to use this brush the rest of the time, as there’s a weird feeling of luxury when applying serums with a brush! It’s got a two-tier bristle system: the bristles close to the handle are more dense, with more sparsely placed, longer bristles pertruding from them.

The only less-positive point with this one is that sometimes when it comes to cleaning, some of the product is still on the bristles so you really have to make sure to clean it properly.

This is definitely a nice addition to have, and tool to use for applying serums.

Serum brush

Moisturiser Brush

I’ve never heard of a moisturiser brush before, so I was pretty intrigues to try this one. In some ways it’s weird to apply moisturiser with a brush, but it’s actually pretty pleasant! I don’t bother if the moisturiser is in a tube, but if it’s in a pot then it’s so much more pleasant than digging my fingers in and getting in that dreaded product-under-the-nails situation I despise!

After applying using this brush I usually pat the moisturiser in to help it absorb properly. I don’t really know whether that’s necessary or not but I like to do it!

Moisturiser Brush

Gel Mask Brush

This is a nice brush, but it’s the one I’ve used least. I don’t think I’ll use it for its intended purpose, solely because the mud/clay mask brush (applicator) is my personal preference for all types of masks I’ve tried so far. This is a smaller brush which does actually apply gel masks onto the skin nicely (I used it with the Elemis Plumping Pillow Facial, which was a really nice duo admittedly) so perhaps I’ll use it with more masks from time to time, but I think I’ll find a different use for it in my skin care routine.

Gel Mask brush

Eye Cream Brush

This is a little gem in skincare, which not too many people seem to be aware of!

I know you’re not meant to drag the skin around your eyes at all, and I swear I try my best not to! But occasionally I find that I rub the cream into the skin around eyes instead of patting it in gently.

This little brush is perfect to really gently apply eye cream without accidentally dragging or mistreating the delicate skin in any way. An added bonus is the avoidance of dipping your finger into the eye cream (if you use a pot of it), so you can just pick a bit of it up on a clean brush and then apply it.

Eye cream brush

Spatula Brush

This little silicone beauty is hands-down my favourite one of from the set. Picking up products from a pot has never been easier – from cleansing balms to lip balms.

It’s super easy to clean in-between products (obviously, it’s silicone), so when I like to use it to scoop out my cleansing balm it’s ready in just a few seconds to scoop out some of my Nuxe lip calm. I then use it to actually apply to lip balm to my lips and spread it across, which works like a dream.

If I only had to go for one brush from the set, it would be this one. It’s just so versatile and makes everything so much easier.

Spatula brush

Have you tried this brush set or any of the individual brushes? I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you’re a skincare junkie.

I was a bit dubious over whether or not I would actually get on with these, as products like this often seem like a gimmick. But it’s been a big win for me so I’m really glad I have them now.

Links to the brushes:

Thanks for reading!


3 responses to “The skincare brushes you didn’t know you needed (you don’t… but you do)”

  1. Everyone needs this…or if not these same ones then some type of skincare brush set. It makes a big difference in your routine. I love my mud mask brush because it saves my fingers and nails from getting all gross and yucky! Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! They’ve definitely changed the skincare game for me too 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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