My Influenster VoxBox Experience (UK)

When I first found out about Influenster I got right on it. I had not heard much about it before but for the chance to try out complimentary beauty products it was ideal (I buy way too many, I’m weak!).

I was regularly reviewing products and completing all my ‘snaps’, and just enjoying the overall experience. I wasn’t solely there for the free products as it gave me a chance to talk about products I do and don’t like without going on too much on Instagram, but let’s be real – we all love free stuff.

I actually realised that a a few months ago I was selected as a potential candidate for a campaign, and I was fuming that I’d missed it. I’m one of those people who never deletes unwanted emails so my inbox is full of junk and things get missed…

Back to just doing my thing and seeing other people’s ‘received complimentary sample from Influenster’ reviews I was happy just posting about what I was enjoying at the time. I’m an optimist so I thought at some point I might be selected for a Voxbox, but there’s no rush. Some people never seem to get chosen and some people get chosen regularly, so I knew it’s a bit of a gamble.

So when I got another email for a potential campaign I was excited to see what it was! Then I saw: kitchen appliances. Considering my interests and reviews etc were all beauty product-related I wasn’t sure how they concluded that I would make a good candidate for kitchen appliances. I opted out of that one as there would be someone else who probably would benefit from it more than I would, and would have a genuine need/interest.


Then I got the email.

“Are you the perfect fit for our next campaign?”

The way these work is: you’re shortlisted for a Voxbox campaign, and you have to select whether you want to opt in or out. In the initial email there’s no indication as to what the campaign in question is about, but if you click the opt in option you’re directed to a questionnaire to complete. There’s a series of questions to establish whether or not you would be suitable, and at this point you’ll get a good idea of what the campaign is about.

For this one, it was self-tan related and focused on Bondi Sands tanning products. I have used self-tanning products in the past on and off but I don’t do it religiously – usually just for an event or night out for example. But I was definitely interested in trying some out because I’ve never found the right products for me.

Less than a week later I got the notification that I was in for the Bondi Sands VoxBox. I was so excited! I thought It would take ages for it to arrive but I got a surprise when there was a knock on my door the next day. The postman made my day better when I realised it was already here.

I already knew what was included but I couldn’t wait to open it and see. I was greeted by 3 full-sized products from the Bondi Sands Pure range:

  • Self Tan Foaming Water
  • Self Tanning Face Mist
  • Self Tanning Sleep Mask

I won’t go into the details too much on what I thought of each product as this is more about my experience of getting a VoxBox, but I’ll give a brief overview.

First up, we have the Self Tan Foaming Water

I used this on my body and I really liked the results. I was a bit dubious at first as it’s marked as ‘dark’ and I’m pretty fair, but it gave a really gorgeous glow without being too much. It was a pretty even finish and lasted a few days before fading. The application was pretty easy (using a mitt) but a bit of liquid came out when I was expecting just foam at one point which ran down my leg and resulted in an intense patch on my foot. This wasn’t too big a deal and only happened the once so I wouldn’t lower its ranking just for that. I had no adverse effects after using it – my skin texture was the same afterwards just with more colour.

Next up we have the Self Tanning Sleep Mask

I wasn’t really too sure what to expect from this, and I was a bit apprehensive in case I would wake up with an over-the-top patchy tan on my face. Despite my apprehension, I was really impressed with it. The tan was even and gave a really beautiful colour that wasn’t too orange and lasted really well for a few days. I just applied it with my hands which worked perfectly.

Lastly, we have the Self Tanning Face Mist

I used this mist a few days after I used the sleep mask so it had a few days to wear off, and I didn’t expect to like it as much as I liked the sleep mask. That was the mistake. I LOVE this – I think it is my favourite product from the lot. I wasn’t convinced I’d enjoy spraying a tanning product on my face but it wasn’t unpleasant and it developed into the most gorgeous tan over the next few hours (note: I did spread it across my face with my hands, I didn’t just spray and leave it at that. If I’m going to buy any of these in the future, it’ll be this one, although I’ve been swayed to marking this as my go-to tanning product for the Summer.

All of the products contain Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C which is a really nice touch as it feels like you’re doing your skin a bit of good by using them. They’re also all colourless and odourless which makes for a very pleasant experience in comparison for previous self-tanning products I’ve tried. The packaging is also unique: ethically sourced, 100% recycled plastic. The drive for eco-conscious packaging and products is more important than ever, so this is a really great attribute. This is a range I can really get behind.

The only point of contention (although, not really a point of contention) is that it would have been ideal if it came with a mitt from the brand. Fortunately for me I already have one at home, but not everybody who was selected for this VoxBox may have had one.

After I had used all of the products and given them a chance to work their magic, I went into my Influenster app to post my reviews. The process was super easy – on my profile there was an option under ‘my campaigns’ to review each product from the VoxBox and rate them out of 5 stars. I already knew what I wanted to say and comment on, but there is a section with some guidance on points to discuss for those who weren’t sure what to mention. It’s also super easy to add pictures, so once I did all of the above for each product I was notified that I had completed the campaign.

Overall this was an amazing VoxBox to get an I’m really grateful for Influenster for giving me the opportunity to try these. I hadn’t tried the Bondi Sands range before and to be honestly I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for this. The end-to-end experience was great from Influenster and I hope to be lucky enough to be chosen for future VoxBoxes.

Pointers for being chosen for a Voxbox:

  • Link all of your socials – the more reach you have, the more likely you are to be chosen for a campaign
  • Review regularly – build up your Influenster presence and contributions. Leaving 1 review and not doing anything else is unlikely to earn you a spot
  • Engage, engage, engage! Post polls, discussions, questions etc and engage with others on the app. The more you engage the more of a presence you’ll get which is always a good start

I hope you enjoyed learning about my experience of the Bondi Sands Pure VoxBox from Influenster. All of the opinions and comments are my own and from my own experience, and all product pictures are mine.


7 responses to “My Influenster VoxBox Experience (UK)”

  1. I’ve been on and off Influenster for months and never received anything from it! And as I started to run out of time it was one of those things that fell of my to do list!

    Katie |


    1. That’s literally what happened here, I got busy and wasn’t on it for about 2/3 months really and then I got the email! It’s really weird how it works. I’m not convinced you really have to do loads to be picked – it just seems to be luck in part. Like you I’m on and off it, it’s one of those things I’d like to be able to do more of but time doesn’t allow!


  2. This was a great box to receive, I’m jealous! In the past year I’ve gotten some great ones including Tom Ford lipstick, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pen, Charlotte Tilbury setting spray and mascara. I’m always surprised at the good stuff I get!💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was super impressed with it! I’ve definitely been converted to self tan from it and even planning on doing it today…
      Sounds like you’ve got some amazing stuff too! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Culture.blogger avatar

    LoL. I totally get not emptying out your email inbox. The thing is I get so many emails!

    I am always curious about this Influenster program but to be honest I haven’t gotten anything. I guess it’s because I am not too active on the site but I don’t know if it would be worth it to me when I’d have to put in quite a bit of time for a few products here and there. I can be active on there little bit by little bit but not sure about investing too much time. That said, congratulations, on the full-sized samples! I love self-tanning products too!


    1. Haha so do I, it’s past the point of even attempting to clear it now with all the junk that clogs it up!

      That’s the only problem, sometimes it seems like a game of chance! There’s no real rhyme or reason to people getting picked – or so it seems. Some people don’t do much at all and always get picked, and others complain about being very active but never getting picked!

      I’ve definitely been swayed, I’m really enjoying!

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  4. Nice box ! And congrats on your first box ✨


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