Why your winged liner doesn’t come out ‘right’

Have you ever tried to recreate a look from a picture/YouTube video that you really like that involves winged liner, but it just won’t go right?

I like to think of myself as pretty experienced with winged liner at this point. I’ve been doing it for about 14 years (I can’t count the amount of times I was asked to take my makeup off at school), but even I get frustrated when someone’s liner looks completely different to mine, even if it’s been applied in the same way.

The reason? Your eye shape.

You can perfect a technique 1000 times and it still won’t come out looking like it looks on them. That’s because one of the main things to take into consideration is eye shape. None of this ‘I’m never any good at applying liner’ or ‘it just doesn’t come out right’. You just need to find what looks best for your eye shape.

The best way to do this is by trial and error on methods and/or wings that are suited to your eyes. Of course the first thing you need to do is establish exactly what that shape is…

A couple of the things I found most affect how my eye makeup, and particularly my liner, looks is that my eyes are fairly hooded and deep-set. My liner can look perfect when it’s been applied with my lid in a certain position, but the moment I open my eye it looks strange.

Doing a bit of research comes in handy, as there’s so much information available on what makeup suits different types, and getting advice from a professional is probably the best option to really get the most out of your makeup overall, but definitely to determine your eye shape and how best to apply liner.

I’m not going to sit and pretend I can give any real advice on what another individual should do with their liner… because I can’t. I’m not qualified to do so, but I’ve picked things up along the way on what works for me specifically. If you get the right guidance and understanding then it should be the same for you too.

The main message here is to not knock yourself down for being ‘bad at eyeliner’. You likely just need to apply it in the right way and then you’ll be way better at it!


2 responses to “Why your winged liner doesn’t come out ‘right’”

  1. I think I have an eye shape that’s pretty similar to yours and so I have known how frustrating it can be to get that winged eyeliner right! I think this post was much needed, thanks!


    1. It can be such a pain but once you get to realise what works it changes the game! Thanks for commenting 😁


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