Coco & Eve – The Hair Mask

This is one of those products you’ve probably seen heavily advertised on Instagram over the years. Wonder if it’s as good as the hype?

I have very long hair that goes past my waist, so naturally my hair is in need of a bit more TLC than shorter hair. I’ve tried various products to help maintain and keep it happy, and there’s definitely some decent ones out there.

When I saw this regularly popping up on social media, the marketing got me and I bought some to give it a try. It’s quite pricey compared to some other hair masks in the market and I was a bit dubious as to whether or not it would be as good as I was hoping, but I bit the bullet and went ahead.

The product

First we’ll start with an overview of what it actually is.

It’s a mask (shockingly) that you leave in for a few minutes after a wash. I’ll be honest and admit that I often leave it in for close to an hour – if not more – while I’m having a nice, long soak in the bath, and I haven’t had any issues by leaving it on longer than directed. The consistency is like a very thick conditioner, and a little goes a long way (although I still love to smother my hair in it!).

The smell is something else altogether… I’m not the biggest fan of coconut but I can’t deny that the scent is dreamy and you get wafts of it for a good couple of days afterwards.

It also comes with a Tangle-Teezer type brush, although there is an ‘eco-friendly’ option if you don’t want the plastic brush with it (I found this out after I’d accumulated 2 or 3 and queried it with the company as I didn’t want to be wasteful). The brushes are actually pretty decent, I tend to use it daily as my primary hairbrush as it does the job perfectly well.

The results

I’ll get straight to the point here – I didn’t expect the results to be as amazing as they were.

My hair isn’t terribly uncontrollable but it certainly has a mind of its own with flyaways and its natural wave, which can take a little bit of work sometimes. I discovered that, for at least a couple of days after using the mask, my hair is much more manageable and only really needs a quick brush in the morning to look very nice for the rest of the day. There would also be a noticeable difference between how much time I would need to leave between washes, in that it was still really soft and less tangled so the results were longer lasting after each use than I’d expected!

I also find that it doesn’t get greasy as fast as it usually would after using the mask, so I can leave my hair 3-4 days between washes as opposed to the usual 2 days. This can only be a bonus – not only because ‘they’ (whoever they are) say not too wash your hair too often as it’s not good for it – but also because I’m far too lazy sometimes…

One thing I will say, however, is that I read that the results are only surface-level as it does actually affect the health of the hair. What I mean by that is that, with split ends for example, the splits aren’t ‘fixed’ but only sealed for a while by a particular substance in the mask that achieves this. For me it’s not really a big deal because I’m under no illusions that for general hair health I will need to get it cut periodically (which I’ve neglected to do for a long time but it’s booked in!).

I’m not even remotely qualified to comment on the validity of the above claims, and therefore I’ll elaborate no further on them as they really are just something I’ve come across over time. I really like the results of the product, so whether or not they’re only temporary is fine with me. I use it regularly enough to reap the benefits.

Overall I would genuinely recommend this to anyone whose hair feels dry, gets tangled easily and has split ends. Mine ticks all of those boxes so hopefully you’d get the same results if you tick even one!


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