The Drowsy Sleep Company Silk Eye Mask

I’m a big fan of using an eye mask while I sleep.

I’ve been on and off with them for years, but after my cat’s recent habit and ability to wake me up in the night with a whack of the paw to my face, I thought it’s probably a good idea to stay on the safe side and protect my eyes from little claws that get dangerously close to them in the process. Thus, I’ve become very accustomed to wearing an eye mask over the last few years.

What is it?

The eye mask from the Drowsy Sleep Company is made from 100% mulberry silk, also covering your ears so it muffles sound to a degree as well as blocking light.

Instead of an elastic over-the-head attachment to keep it on as is common with eye masks, it has two ends that each have velcro on them to connect round the back of your head – so basically a velcro strap. This makes it adjustable to suit the size and tightness that you find comfortable, and keeps it on securely all night.

The brand has multiple colours and patterns to choose from, and have the brand’s name ‘Drowsy’ stitched onto them which is a really nice touch. I opted for the pattern ‘Cosmic Energy’ which was really beautifully presented in the packaging making a treat to open.

The mask is really well presented in this box.
The brand name ‘Drowsy’ is stitched onto the mask.

What it’s like

You can really notice the quality of the material with it being Mulberry silk. It feels really smooth and silky (unsurprisingly). Silk is renowned for reducing wrinkles, blemishes etc, in comparison to standard cotton and other materials and therefore makes the ideal material for eye masks where the skin underneath is most delicate.

The back strap of the mask is secured with Velcro

I’ve often found that previous masks lose their elasticity in the band, and become loose over time which gets annoying. A big benefit of this is that it uses a velcro strap to connect the two ends around the back of your head, which keeps it on your head securely and doesn’t lose elasticity or tightness over time.

I have trialled the muffling effects over the ears as well which seems relatively efffective, but I’m a regular user of earplugs as I’m a very light sleeper, so that’s the extent of the muffling that I’ve experienced with it. I would theorise that it seems decent enough for a ‘normal’ sleeper though.

In terms of light-blocking, I was extremely impressed! I was a bit dubious at first and wasn’t sure what to expect, but when it arrived I saw it was quite big and has a slot for your nose which works perfectly for blocking out light without sacrificing comfort. Even when the light beams into the room in the morning, I can easily sleep in the ‘dark’ thanks to this mask.

The mask is a really decent size which helps it block light really well

I actually found it incredibly comfortable, and the adjustable strap at the back is such a good idea! I can make it so it feels like my head is being hugged without my eyes feeling squished. I haven’t used my previous eye mask since I got this one, and I don’t see myself going back to it any time soon. I’ve definitely got plans to get more of these!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this for someone that needs dark and quiet for them to sleep well. I’m so glad I invested!


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