Miss Patisserie Bath Products

I’ve posted about bath products from another company, so it’s only right that I include another company whose products left a mark on me.

I hadn’t delved into the pool of products offered by Miss Patisserie before my other half treated me to a couple out of the blue. I’d often get a bath bomb here and there and really enjoy using them, but my obsession really sprung up after trying Miss Patisserie.

Who are they?

Miss Patisserie are a British company, based in Cardiff, that are now sold internationally in stores as big as MACYs, Barnes & Noble, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. And they deserve it – the care they put into the design of the packaging to the products itself needs to be appreciated and enjoyed the world over. They just look gorgeous!

The products are all cruelty-free and vegan, which is very important to a lot of us so I value that a lot.

My favourite picks

If you go onto the website you’ll be hard-pressed to narrow it down to just a couple of products because they’re all so appealing.

1. Rainbow Dust – this was the first MP product I was introduced to after receiving it as a surprise. The scent is coconut-y, which I’ve never been a fan of personally, but this smells like a blessing for the nose and I can’t get enough of it. It’s essentially small chunks of bath-bomb type product in a rainbow of colours, so when it’s sprinkled into a tub of water they dissolve into a colourful mosaic, which actually makes it difficult to step into and ruin…

2. Geode Bath Bombs – Miss Patisserie were the first brand to bring out the geode bath bombs (the first that I’d seen, anyway) and they looked incredible! They’re aimed for relaxing evening baths to help you unwind and get a good sleep. They’re almost too, beautiful to use though. Just look at how pretty they are! There are 3 available: Geode Bath Ball, Night Geode Bath Ball and Lapis Geode Bath Ball – all of which smell as good as they look.

3. Agate Fizz Float – this has been discontinued now it seems, which I’m devastated about (I’m not trying to be dramatic but it was one of the nicest-smelling things I’ve ever known – AND it turned the water purple!). The room would be filled with this sweet, almost blackcurrant scent, and melting into it in the bath was heaven. They do have other fizz floats available which will still be nice to experience, but I’m too upset about this one to be able to be disloyal and test out…

4. Bath Slabs – MP are at it again, creating unusual and unique products just to lure me in even more. I’ve tried a few of the bath slabs so far and they make a nice change. It’s really useful that you can break off as much or as little as you’d like, so they can last decently well. If you’re in the mood for a mild experience, then it’s good to have the option to break off a little bit, but if you want to go all in and have an intense bath then that option is there too!

5. Shower steamers – these are such a cool idea – why limit yourself to just bath bombs/products?! They are exactly as they sound – break off a bit and pop it on the floor of the shower and it infuses the air with whatever delicious scent you’ve opted for. Some of them are so fresh, it makes showering feel like an event to look forward to!

The only downside is that they change up the products sometimes (see Agate Fizz Float for the dramatics of how I feel about it), which isn’t ideal when you find something you love. But the rainbow dust and Geodes, which I adore, seem to be standing strong on the site so I know I can have a constant supply of them at least!

All of these are my genuine thoughts and opinions, and I purchased the products mentioned with my own money with no incentive or influence from Miss Patisserie or anyone else to leave a review.


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