Amazing Lesser-Known Loose Pigments You Need

As a makeup junkie, it would feel wrong not to have at least 1 loose pigment in my stash (although I’ve definitely accumulated enough of them over the years…).

I love the big brands’ offerings; NYX, Inglot, and so on… but it’s another thing to find a smaller, lesser-known company that rivals (see: outdoes?!) them.

I’ve spent enough time perusing Instagram, YouTube and various beauty blogs to have stumbled some gold dust (and various other colours) that’s been lurking out there. Here are a few of my favourite brands that aren’t unheard of, but aren’t necessarily as ‘big’ as the huge companies that everyone knows of:

Peaches and Cream Makeup

This is one you may well have heard of by now. Also known as Peaches Makeup (, this is a game changer for me.

The range of products is incredible for one thing, but the loose pigments are another level! They’re super fine and pigmented, last all day and just pop! But the range of colours is another level.

From gorgeous nudes to rich blues, neons to duochromes, if you’re anything like me you’ll struggle to choose just a couple and want to go for them all.

I already had a fair few in my stash, but relented and bought the box of 50 quite some time ago. The variety is every makeup-lover’s dream!

Helen E Cosmetics

Another popular brand on Instagram, and for good reason.

They ( have a variety of pigments – ‘normal’ loose pigment, glitter pigments, and some absolutely gorgeous neon pigments in their offering. My main focus in this post is on their ‘neon pure pigments’ set, as I bought and fell in love with these a while back now. I find them easy to work with, and the colour payoff is next to none. One of my absolute favourite loose pigments is Mango – a gorgeous neon orange.

They also have a huge range of other products – lashes, concealer, highlighter, lip products and so on.

The brand has various sets/bundles, so if a few products catch your eye then you may be able to save yourself a few pennies with one of them.

Below are some looks I created using them.

Sarazaar Cosmetics

Last but not least, a brand that I came across on Instagram and have had a great experience with.

Sarazaar Cosmetics ( first caught my attention with their high shine foil pigments. I’m like a Magpie – I love shiny, sparkly products – so when I came across Sarazaar I was drawn to their pigments.

I first tried Ethereal and Mystique: a holographic pigment and a navy with holographic reflects pigment respectively. I was blown away by the quality and the results – they’re two of my favourites in my selection now and super sparkly.

There are also other gorgeous shades and effects; multichrome, toppers, high shine foil etc. I’ve not been disappointed with them at all.

I love that the company engage with their followers and customers so well, as well as the gorgeous packaging which makes them feel that much more ‘special’. It looks like the brand are building up their offering with various other products, so I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for more exciting products from them in the future.

Both pigments mentioned above were used to create this look.

Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot Cosmetics’ pigments are just something else.

I’ve been a fan of them for years, and I particularly love going to the shop in Westfield to have a browse and add to my stash.

The consistency is super fine, they’re incredibly pigmented and they do. Not. Budge. There’s a shade for every occasion and more – they’re just gorgeous! There are some colours that are so unusual I haven’t seen anything similar elsewhere. I’m a huge fan and I can’t recommend them enough.

All of these companies are based in the UK and deliver amazing quality and service, while evidently genuinely caring about their customers. These are my honest thoughts and opinions after finding and purchasing these products myself, with no incentive or request from the companies to post a review.


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