Bomb Cosmetics – The Perfect Self-Care Essentials

I’m such a sucker for bath products.

Seriously, show me something pretty or quirky and feel like I need it in my life.

It’s safe to say I’m a well-seasoned bather at this point, and I’ve tried a vast selection of products over the years. From store-bought to small, largely unknown brands, I have a good idea of what I know and like. My boyfriend always knows the way to perk me up is to treat me to a bath product or two (particularly a certain brand!), and he’s actually helped to feed and grow my bath product addiction over recent years.

So, onto the star of the show here: Bomb Cosmetics.

Who are they?

I stumbled across Bomb Cosmetics on my quest to find some more bath bombs that had something unique about them, and I stumbled onto a real diamond.

They are based in Bournemouth in the UK and some of their products are available in some shops/websites in the UK, but I usually buy directly from their website. Their site has a huge range of products, from gift sets, to bath bombs/blasters, to soaps and so on, it’s really easy to want to buy up the whole thing. All of their products are 100% handmade!

I really like their values, they’re climate-conscious and strive to be as eco-friendly as they can. They describe themselves as ‘everything friendly’, and there is a statement on their site currently stating that they are changing their biodegradable glitters to even more environmentally-friendly sanding sugars and mica. A quote from their website: “We believe that neither animals, humans or the environment should suffer for our luxuries.” This is something I can really get behind, and I fully support a company that doesn’t believe in exploiting anyone.

Favourite products

Now down to the real detail – what are the best products from them?

Obviously, this is very subjective. As I’ve commented on in previous posts, I’m very much a sweet and fruity person when it comes to products, whereas other people won’t be able to stand that sort of thing. I feel I’ve tried a nice range of their products so far, so here and some of them below:

1. Bath blasters – the bath blasters are pretty hard to beat, to be honest. They erupt into a gorgeous stream of colour and dreamy scents, putting on quite a show in the process! There’s something about their formula which makes them really lively and I love it. They also have an amazing range with a lot of vegan products, so I could treat one of my best friends to some vegan-friendly products and she fell in love with them.

2. Body lotion – I’ve already covered off the Pineapple Perfect body lotion in another post: “The Top 5 Body Moisturisers for Summer“, but of course it needs to be included here too! This is one of my all time favourite body creams. The smell is just everything and it lasts pretty well. I’ve also treated my mum to a couple of body lotions from there before (another body-lotion fan), and she adored them. First I bought her rose and then bluebell wood, and she got through them pretty quickly because she loved them so much.

3. Soap – the hand soaps are really lovely, and I love the fact that there’s a build-your-own soap option! What a cute idea for a gift. They lather really well and smell beautiful. The only problem is that bars of soap can be a bit messy, so I don’t always have them out but they’re nice occasionally.

4. Bath melts – now these are a little bit different to the bath blasters that I’ve used before, and you need to be prepared for a residue that’ll need to be cleaned out of the tub afterwards, but it’s worth it for what feels like the softest skin in the world. They’re made of butters (shea butter and cocoa butter) and melt in the bath, so you’re soaking in buttery goodness that sticks to your skin and coats it to make it super soft.

5. Watercolours – these are where it’s at. There’s a gorgeous selection of these, and they do what they imply – turn the water a beautiful colour depending on which you opt for. I’ve used a fair few of them and they’re such a treat! One that I haven’t tried yet is the rainbow watercolour as it’s often out of stock, but I’ve had my eye on it for quite some time now. Perhaps I’ll have to add that to the list ASAP…

Image taken from

The brand also have festive products, as well as gift sets which include soaps, bath melts, bath blasters etc and vary depending on which set you opt for.

If you’re a bath enthusiast like me then you have to give BC a try! All of these are my genuine thoughts and opinions, and I purchased the products mentioned with my own money with no incentive or influence from Bomb Cosmetics or anyone else to leave a review.


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