Forest and Shore’s Hallelujah Hair Oil

I’ve posted previously about the needs of my hair, due to being so long (past my waist) as well as having been colour-treated over the years.

I’ve tried various masks, serums, oils, creams, leave-in-conditioners, sprays – you name it, I’ve likely given it a run.

It’s hard to find a product that actually does what you want it to, especially with long hair. Not necessarily because products aren’t good enough, but because the ends of long hair are so old (years old!) and have really been through it. It can be difficult to revive after a certain point. That’s why it’s so important to keep on top of getting it cut and looking after it (I’m a huge hypocrite here, because I can be terrible at that…), but that’s a discussion for another time.

Today we’re going to be discussing a new hair product: the Hallelujah hair oil from Forest and Shore. It was kindly gifted to me by the company recently, so I’ve been really excited to share my thoughts and experience.

Who are Forest and Shore?

Forest and Shore are a UK company that strive to create natural, organic hair care without the harsh chemicals that are often found in hair products.

Promoting ‘wellness-led living’, the company sources sustainable, natural, high-quality ingredients to deliver effective results.

The products are vegan friendly and described as ‘plant-powered’, certified organic and use only natural ingredients to create ‘earth-loving formulations’.

The products are suitable for a variety of hair types – the site lists ‘curly, could, wavy or straight’, and in relying of word of mouth and recommendations, the company aim to keep prices fair and affordable for everyone instead of playing into the money-guzzling, corporate advertising game. I respect this as it can be tough to get exposure, but Forest and Shore seem to be doing it right so far.

The company currently have two product offerings, listed below. Both are hair oils which have different goals, both of which are the main wants for people who want some sort of results with their hair.

  • Hallelujah hair oil
  • Thrive hair growth oil

I haven’t tried the hair growth oil (nor would I really need to as my hair seems to have a decent natural growth rate), so I can’t comment on that, but from what I’ve seen it’s had very positive responses.

What is it?

The Hallelujah Hair Oil is formulated with a variety of plant-based oils and designed to support dry or damaged hair through hydration and nourishment.

The design of the bottle is really gorgeous and is one you want at the front of the shelf. It’s a simple design with forest glass, black text on a white background, and a simple description without too much going on. The box of a product doesn’t mean much for the long term, but it’s absolutely gorgeous packaging designed with floral/botanical print that really reinforces the natural, plant-based vibe.

There are 8 key oils in the blend, each with their own area of expertise for bringing your hair back to beautiful. As the company alludes to, there is no one oil that can restore hair and the scalp the way a combination of power-packing oils/ingredients can, which is why they created this product to create something to do just that. The main characters in this, along with their superpowers, are:

  • Coconut Oil for hydration
  • Sesame Oil for protection
  • Olive Oil for repair
  • Sunflower Oil for nourishment
  • Arnica Oil for strengthening
  • Lemon Oil for cleansing
  • Rosemary Oil for stimulating
  • Lavender Oil for calming

Now these guys all play a big role in the results. A lot of people are concerned about using hair oils as they worry about their hair getting greasy. One to highlight here is the lemon oil for cleansing: it’s a natural regulator for oil production and cleans away unwanted bacteria as well as excess oil, as described by the company.

How to use it?

There are two options suggested by the company for how to achieve the best results from the oil.

The first option is to use it after a wash by dispensing 2-5 drops in the palm of your hand and applying it to the mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair. You can then brush and style as you normally would, whether that’s air drying or natural drying.

This was my personal preference as I’m not one for using heavy products overnight as my hair just goes everywhere and things get messy.

I will admit that I did deviate slightly from the recommended number of drops and boosted it by a few, partly because I know I can get away with it with the length of my hair and to make sure it was well covered, but mainly because the scent is so gorgeous I couldn’t get enough!

The second option is to dispense 2-3 full pipettes, massage all over (from the scalp to the ends to leave overnight and wash out the following day.

What did I think?

I went in with an open mind and can say I have genuinely had a great experience with this from the moment I opened the parcel and was greeted by the beautiful packaging.

Although it is an oil, it doesn’t feel particularly heavy or sticky on your hair if you follow the directions (although it does leave a slight residue on your hands to wash off). I applied a bit too much one day and my hair was weighed-down and greasy (see my note above about deviating from the recommended amount), but after using it (mostly) normally again the next time didn’t have that effect at all.

I was able to really put it to the test when I had my hair lightened again. We all know that our hair doesn’t like to be bleached or have horrible chemicals used, and really needs some TLC and heavy-duty nourishment afterwards. The first thought that came into my mind was that I could see how it responds to the Hallelujah hair oil after being put through its paces with balayage.

The results were as I hoped they would be – my hair felt nourished, soft and it was unbelievably easy to brush (something that never happens with or without recent balayage!).

It’s only been a few weeks so far, so I intend to use it more and see what the long-term effects will be. I’m very happy with the results already and I plan to use this very regularly in my hair routine.

Disclaimer: I received this product as a gift from the company. These are my own genuine views after using the product.


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